Departmental Responsibilities

General Note to all UWOMJ Staff Writers:

We would like to encourage everyone to have a part in shaping the future of the UWOMJ. If you have any ideas for UWOMJ events, advertising, and/or investments, particularly if you are willing to take a leadership role in the initiative that you suggest, please feel free to discuss your ideas with the Editors-in-Chief or the Associate Editors.

Staff Writer Responsibilities

The UWOMJ has ten departments each highlighting a specific area of medicine. Each department has 1 Junior Staff Writer and 1 Senior Staff Writer. For every themed UWOMJ issue, each department will produce one article pertaining to the issue’s theme. As there are two themed UWOMJ issues published each academic year, Staff Writers are responsible for a total of two articles each academic year. We also publish an annual summer supplement issue, which does not have a theme and does not require submission from Staff Writers.

The responsibility of authoring an article for each UWOMJ issue can be broken down into the following tasks:

  • Select an article topic that is within the scope of the department and in accordance with the issue’s theme
  • Prepare and submit an article outline for approval before the deadline
  • Seek out potential faculty reviewers for the article
  • Prepare and submit a draft of the article to an appropriate faculty reviewer, and make revisions as necessary
  • Submit the revised article before the deadline for review by the journal’s associate editors
  • Participate in the review process, making timely revisions as necessary
  • Obtain permission for any figures/images to be published

How the Junior and Senior Staff Writers share these tasks is up to them (see note 3), but both must work together to ensure that they are keeping to deadlines and being proactive with their duties. Communication between both writers is key to ensure that the article submissions are suitable for publication. The Senior Staff Writer has the additional crucial responsibility of mentoring the Junior Staff Writer regarding roles, responsibilities, and UWOMJ policies.


  1. The Junior Staff Writer, if in good standing with the UWOMJ, is recommended for promotion to Senior Staff Writer in the subsequent academic year.
  2. To help ensure departmental continuity, we prefer that any graduate students applying for Junior Staff Writer would be continuing their degree for at least 1 year after completing a year as Junior Staff Writer.
  3. The relationship between the Senior and Junior Staff Writers is considered very flexible and subject to interpretation. Early in the academic year, the Senior and Junior Staff Writers are encouraged to meet to decide how they would like to structure their working relationship. From the Associate Editors’ points of view, we are open to a variety of agreements surrounding responsibilities as long as you are submitting quality articles on time and working well with your departmental counterpart. Outlined below are some suggestions based on past working relationships as to how you may choose to work together.
    1. You may work together on each article to establish a topic, do the research, each write sections of the draft, edit each other’s draft sections, and produce a final copy.
    2. One writer may take the lead on a given article (this does not necessarily have to be the Senior Writer and the departmental team should make this decision together), develop the theme, research the topic, and write a first draft. The other writer can edit the draft and prepare the article for submission. It may be advantageous for the Senior Writer to take the lead on the first article of the year so that the Junior Writer can learn from example. The Junior Writer then could then lead the development of the second article. Keeping your counterpart in the loop (ie. cc’ing on emails to UWOMJ and faculty reviewers, agreeing on the outline and article before passing it on) is ideal and aids the learning process.
    3. If there are disagreements within a department that cannot be agreed upon otherwise, either the Senior or Junior Writer may seek mediation from the Associate Editors.