Vol 76 No 1 – Oncology


Front Cover Art: “The Surgeons” by Erin Dahlke, Meds 2008
Back Cover Art: Stained Glass by Ian Turkstra and Deanne Malenfant, Meds 2009


Eisar Al-Sukhni, Editor-in-Chief

Wendy Ng and Amber Menezes, Junior Associate Editors

Departmental Articles

Examining the Efficacy of Positron Emission Tomography (PET) in Cancer Diagnosis
Mark Kirchhof, Meds 2009, Jaron Jia Rong Chong, Meds 2010

The Best of Both Worlds: The Clinician-Scientist
Renata Villela, Meds 2009

The Role of Gastrectomies in the Management of Gastric Cancer: an Overview
Brent Mollon, Meds 2010

Computing for Cancer: the role of distributed computing in cancer research
Samuel Krausz, Meds 2009, Jordan Glicksman, Meds 2010

From Trephining to Genotyping: A brief look at the history of Neuro-oncology
Raza Naqvi, Meds 2009, Adam Garber, Meds 2010

HPV Vaccination
Jennifer Clara Tang, Meds 2009, Jonathan Klein, Meds 2010

BRCA Genetic Testing: Ethical, Legal and Policy Considerations
Christian Fortin, Meds 2009, Michael Slatnik, Meds 2010

Microcystic Adnexal Carcinoma
Tiffany Kwok, Meds 2010, Badrinath Narayan, Meds 2009

Feature Articles

A Look at Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in Children
Wendy Ng, Meds 2009

Methods of Vascular Control in Liver Resection: A Review
Anton Cherney, Meds 2007, W. Davies, Department of General Surgery, UWO

An overview of the screening and staging strategies for organ confined prostate cancer
David Horovitz, Meds 2009

Human T-Lymphotropic Virus-I Infection and Adult T-cell Leukemia/Lymphoma: Pathogenesis and Clinical Considerations
Brent Mollon, Meds 2010

48 Years and Counting
Gerald Schneiderman M.D., D. Psych., F.R.C.P.(C), F.A.P.A.