Vol 78 No 1 – History of Medicine

History of Medicine

Departmental Articles

Ageism and London’s Hospitals
Bryan Young, MD, FRCPC, Professor, Division of Neurology, Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences, University of Western Ontario Member of Active Staff, Neurology and Critical Care, London Health Sciences Centre

A Royal Pain
Badrinath Narayan, BSc, Medicine 2009 and Stephen Chihrin, BSc, Medicine 2008

A Historical Perspective of the Diagnosis of Diabetes
Mark Kirchhof, BSc (Hons), Meds 2009, Nooreen Popat, BSc (Hons), Meds 2008, and Janet Malowany, BHSc (Hons), Meds 2008

Chasing Hippocrates
Renata Villela, Meds 2009

Light in the Dark Ages
Raza Naqvi, Meds 2009 and Urszula Zurawska, Meds 2008

Medicine’s Role in Decoding Ancient Egypt
Raza Naqvi, Meds 2009

The History of Health Information Privacy
Andrea Anna Guerin, Meds 2008 and Christian David Fortin, Meds 2009

The Medical Oath
Justin Morgenstern

The Mediterranean Diet
Jennifer Clara Tang and Luke Harris

The Robots Are Coming
Samuel Krausz, Meds 2009 and Joanna Zurawska, Meds 2008

Feature Articles

A Brief History of Physician Remuneration
Tom Warren

A Foundation of Western Ophthalmology in Medieval Islamic Medicine
Daren Lin

AIDS and Guyana
Victor Ng

An Exploration of Anaesthesia through Antiquity
Jeremy Keller

Anti Smoking Initiatives in Nazi Germany
Nathaniel Dostrovsky

From Marjorie to Leonard
Aaron R. Mocon, Meds 2008

Laennec and Auscultation
Milli Gupta

Nancy Dzaja

Paracelsus the Innovator
Emily R. Kelly

Race, Contagion, and Discrimination
Joanne Hamilton, Meds 2005

The Birth of Caesarean Section
Milli Gupta

The Birth of Defibrillation
Stephen M. Chihrin

Triumph Over Pain
Daniel J. Kim