Vol 79 No 1 – Endocrinology


Cover art by Julie Huang, Meds 2012

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Endocrinology : more than just a sliding scale
Tiffany Kwok (Meds 2010) and Laura Hinz (Meds 2011)

Departmental Articles

Bariatric surgery: Lots to lose, much to gain
Edward Weiss (Meds 2012) and Sandeep Dhaliwal (Meds 2013)

Metabolic syndrome
Julie Huang (Meds 2012) and Jai Jayakar (Meds 2013)

Addressing the new teen trend of “diabulimia”: Moral quandaries of a pediatric endocrinologist
Julie Hughes (Meds 2012)

Self-monitoring of blood glucose for type 2 diabetes mellitus patients
Jenny Shu (Meds 2012) and Paul Kudlow (Meds 2013)

“Voice and very forme becometh womanish”: Contemporary medical views of the Castrati
Kate MacKeracher (Meds 2012)

Diabetes and the built environment: Contributions from an emerging interdisciplinary research programme
Allanah Li (Meds 2012), Ashley Kim (Meds 2013), and Emma Farley (Meds 2013)

The sports doping race
Stephen Choy (Meds 2012) and Mayooren Ravichandiran (Meds 2013)

Gender verification testing: Necessary for the integrity of international athletics, or inexcusable breach of personal privacy?
Colin Meyer Macaulay (Meds 2012), Moska Hamidi (Meds 2013), and Karline Treurnicht-Naylor (Meds 2013)

Profile of Dr. Robert Hegele
Gordon Tsang (Meds 2012) and Joyce T. W. Cheung (Meds 2013)

Common side effects of diabetes medications
Kalpa Shah (Meds 2012)

McCune-Albright syndrome: An unusual case of nasal obstruction
Anna Burianova (Meds 2012) and Julie Lebert (Meds 2013)

Case Reports

Small bowel intussusception from mestastatic melanoma
Brett Howe (Meds 2010)

Feature Articles

Yams for breakfast, lunch, and libido? A critical look at bioidentical hormone therapy
Justin Chia (Meds 2012)

Why did Harvey Cushing misdiagnose Cushing’s disease? The enigma of endocrinological diagnoses
Laura Hinz (Meds 2011)

Management of hyperlipidemia in patients with statin intolerance
Kareem Jamani (Meds 2010)

Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes
Kathryn McIntyre (Meds 2012)