Vol 79 No S1 – Summer Supplement Case Reports

Summer Supplement

Cover Art by Magbule Doko (2011)


A New Perspective
Pencilla Lang


Paediatric Patient with Mesenteric Adenitis on CT and Final Diagnosis of Appendicitis in the OR
Magbule Doko (Meds 2011)
Faculty Reviewers: Dr. A. Petrakos and Dr. S. Coughlin

The Role of Incretin Based Treatment in Type Two Diabetes Mellitus
Laura Allen (Meds 2013)
Faculty Reviewers: Dr. David Paterson and Dr. Seema Aggarwal

Ewing’s Sarcoma: a challenging clinical diagnosis in the paediatric population
Kevin Mitchell (Meds 2011)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Neil Merritt

The Clumsy Kid: Assessing the psychomotor changes in a child
Patricia Uniac (Meds 2011)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Rod Lim

A pain in the back
Kalpa Shah (Meds 2012)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Robert Lannigan

A rare case of transitional cell carcinoma of the bladder with extensive squamous cell differentiation in a young female adult
Jay Wong (Meds 2012)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Thomas Elsdon

A recurrent case of Henoch-Schönlein Purpura with cutaneous, gastrointestinal and renal involvement
Andra Nica (Meds 2013)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Louise Moist

Minimally Invasive Temporalis Tendon Transfer for the Treatment of Longstanding Facial Paralysis
Michal Brichacek (Meds 2013)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Patrick J. Byrne