Vol 80 No 1 – Health Technology

Health Technology

Front cover art by Abdul Naeem

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Laura Hinz (Meds 2011)

Departmental Articles

Surgical treatment for articular cartilage injuries in the athlete’s knee
Sandeep Dhaliwal and Brennan Ballantyne
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Marie-Eve Lebel, MD

Computed tomography (CT) based calcium scoring in the diagnosis and prognostication of coronary artery disease (CAD)
Jai Prashanth Jayakar, Adrian Matthews and Joshua Rosenblat
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Aashish Goela, MD MSc FRCPC

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing in Canada
Laura Allen, Moska Hamidi and Niran Argintaru
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. W. Liang, JD, MD

Improving healthcare with information technology
Karline Treurnicht Naylor, Paul Kudlow, Felix Li and Kevin Yuen
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Kellie Leitch MD, MBA, FRCSC

Using texts for safe sex: technology in adolescent sexual health
Stephanie Gottheil, Paul A. Kudlow
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Lois Champion. Critical Care and Anesthesia

PACS, SRR and the future of radiology
Ashley Kim and Emma Farley
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Richard Rankin

Lab-on-a-chip technology: the future of point-of-care diagnostic ability
Melissa J. MacPherson, Mayoorendra Ravichandiran
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Cyrus Hsia, MD, FRCPC

An Interview with Dr. Ting-Yim Lee, PhD
Lauren Sham, Abdul Naeem, Joyce TW Cheung

Molecular genetics in clinical practice for the rapid identification of pathogenic organisms
Roman Shapiro
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Caroline Hamm

The application of three dimensional laser surface scanning and imaging in a case of total nasal reconstruction
Michal Brichacek
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Douglas C. Ross, MD MEd FRCSC

Candles to computers: the story of minimally invasive procedures
Pencilla Lang
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Terry Peters, PhD

Feature Articles

The use of nanotechnology in cancer management
Yuding Wang, Chanseok Rhee, Nianxin Jiang, Suganth Suppiah, Zoya Bahreini
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. C. Hamm, MD

Near-infrared spectroscopy to assess penile blood flow: a possible novel technique for the diagnosis of vasculogenic erectile dysfunction
Paul A. Kudlow, Sidney B. Radomski, MD, FRCSC
Faculty Reviewer: Dr. Gerald Brock, MD, FRCSC