Vol 82 No S1 – Summer Supplement Case Reports

Summer Supplement 2013

Front cover art by Kevan Lu (Meds 2017)
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Anthony Chow (Meds 2016)

Case Reports

A case of too much doggy love
Melissa J MacPherson, PhD (Meds 2014)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr John Payne, MClSc, MD, CCFP, FCFP (Department of Family Medicine)A case of symptomatic severe hypercalcemia in a 72-year-old man
Cassandra Lin (Meds 2014), Tamara Chu (Meds 2014), Nathalie Sela (Meds 2014)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Noureen Huda, MBBS, FRCPC (Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine)

Intergenerational trauma in aboriginal peoples
Peter Cordell (Meds 2016)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Tara Somerville, MD

An interesting case of preseptal cellulitis
Eddie Liu (Meds 2014)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Saira Zafar, MD, FRCPC (Department of Medicine, Division of General Internal Medicine)

New-onset psychogenic non-epileptic seizures in a patient with epilepsy
Kendra L Derry (Meds 2015)
Faculty Reviewers: Dr Paul A Derry, PhD (C Psych) (Department of Psychology) &
Dr Jorge G Burneo, MSPH, MD (Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences)

Double miss by ultrasound of a cornual ectopic pregnancy
Daniel Myran (Meds 2014)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Meagan O’Brien, MD, FRCSC

Shades of Gray: The sex factor is not always black and white
Noor Jawaid (Meds 2015)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Norman Furtado, MD, CCFP (Department of Family Medicine)