Vol 84 No 1 – Brain & Mind

Front cover art by Han Yan (Meds 2017)

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Mysteries of the brain and mind
Jason Chan

Feature Articles

Care and curriculum: does clinical empathy decline during medical education?
Victor Parchment (BA Candidate), Naomi Mudachi (Meds 2017)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Barry Schwartz, DDS, MHSc (Division of Practice Administration)

Brain & Mind Articles

Tick tock: thrombolysis & acute management of ischemic stroke
Alexander Levit (MD/PhD 2020), Brandon Chau (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Vladimir Hachinski, CM, MD, DSc, FRCPC (Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences)

A brief review of neuroimaging using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI)
Stefan Rodic (Meds 2018), Pei Jun Zhao (Meds 2017)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Ravi Menon, PhD (Department of Medical Biophysics)

Cognitive liberty: protecting the right to neuroenhancement
Arthur Shuster (Meds 2017), Adriana Cappelletti (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Jackie Sullivan, PhD (Department of Philosophy)

Physician compensation structures and how they incentivize specific patient care behaviour
Michael Hewak (Meds 2016), Adam Kovacs-Litman (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Javeed Sukhera, MD, FRCPC (Department of Psychiatry)

What kills us and what costs us: an examination of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
Keegan Guidolin (Meds 2017), Matthew Douglas-Vail (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Shannon L Venance, MD, PhD, FRCPC (Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences)

Separation and reunion: a short history of mind-body dualism
Stephanie Mokrycke (Meds 2017), Hao Li (Meds 2016)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Shelley McKellar, PhD (Department of History)

A day with an orthoptist
Jeffrey Law (Meds 2016), Charles Yin (MD/PhD 2021)
Reviewer: Charla Snow, BSc, OC(C)

Optogenetics: illuminating the brain
Phillip Williams (Meds 2017), Steven Wong (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Susanne Schmid, PhD (Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology)

Conversations with a pediatric psychiatrist: interview with Dr Javeed Sukhera
Han Yan (Meds 2017), Ramona Neferu (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Javeed Sukhera, MD, FRCPC (Department of Psychiatry)

Conversations with a neurologist: interview with Dr Christen Shoesmith
Han Yan (Meds 2017), Ramona Neferu (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Christen Shoesmith, MD, FRCPC (Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences)

Conversations with a neurosurgeon: interview with Dr Fawaz Siddiqi
Han Yan (Meds 2017), Ramona Neferu (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Fawaz Siddiqi, MD, MBA, FRCSC, FACS (Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences)

When the beat clots: ischemic stroke in atrial fibrillation
Kevin Braden (Meds 2017), Nicole Arseneau (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Allan Skanes, MD, FRCPC (Division of Cardiology)

Maggots on the brain (and in it): a case of cerebral myiasis
Craig Olmstead (Meds 2017), Charles Jian (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Michael John, MD, FRCPC (Division of Infectious Diseases)