Vol 84 No 2 – Geriatric Medicine

Front cover art by Roni Hetzel (Meds 2018)

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Medicine’s eternal struggle
Craig Olmstead (Meds 2017)

Original Article

Multimorbidity in family medicine clerkship: the student perspective
Emily Harrison (Meds 2015)
Faculty Reviewers: Dr William E Osmun, MD, CCFP (Department of Family Medicine), Dr George Kim, MD, CCFP (Department of Family Medicine)

Feature Article

Advanced care planning: a patient-centered approach to end-of-life care
Konstantinos Alexopoulos (Meds 2016)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Ravi Taneja, MD, FRCPC (Departments of Anesthesia and Critical Care)

Geriatric Medicine Articles

Modifications in anesthesia for geriatric patients
Brandon Chau (Meds 2018), Alexander Levit (MD/PhD 2020)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Daniel Cuillerier, MD, FRCPC (Department of Anesthesia and Perioperative Medicine)

Pei Jun Zhao (Meds 2017), Stefan Rodic (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Laura Diachun, MD, FRCPC (Division of Geriatric Medicine)

Research concerning older adults with dementia
Adriana Cappelletti (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewers: Dr Monidipa Dasgupta, MSc, MD (Division of Geriatric Medicine), Dr Raza M Navqi, MD, FRCPC (Division of Geriatric Medicine)

Modifying the healthcare system to accommodate our aging population
Adam Kovacs-Litman (Meds 2018), Michael Hewak (Meds 2016)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Chris Brymer, MSc, MD, FRCPC (Division of Geriatric Medicine)

Physician-assisted death and the changing face of geriatric medicine
Matthew Douglas-Vail (Meds 2018), Keegan Guidolin (Meds 2017)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Raza M Navqi, MD, FRCPC (Division of Geriatric Medicine)

End-of-life care: its founding purposes and values
Hao Li (Meds 2016), Stephanie Mokrycke (Meds 2017)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Shelley McKellar, PhD (Departments of History and Surgery)

Community-acquired pneumonia and pneumococcal vaccination in the elderly
Charles Yin (MD/PhD 2021), Jeffrey Law (Meds 2016)
Reviewer: Dawn Bowdish, PhD (Department of Molecular Medicine, McMaster University)

The implantable miniature telescope: envisioning a treatment for end-stage age-related macular degeneration
Phillip Williams (Meds 2017), Steven Wong (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Alex Mao, MD, OD, MPH (Department of Ophthalmology)

The nature of geriatrics: interview with Dr Michael Borrie
Ramona Neferu (Meds 2018), Han Yan (Meds 2017)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Michael Borrie, BSc, MB ChB, FRCPC (Division of Geriatric Medicine)

Anticholinergic toxicity, polypharmacy, and inappropriate prescribing
Nicole Arseneau (Meds 2018), Kevin Braden (Meds 2017)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Jennie L Wells, BSc, MSc, MD, FRCPC, FACP (Division of Geriatric Medicine)

Rare cancer, common conversation: a case of T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia with end-of-life discussions
Craig Olmstead (Meds 2017), Charles Jian (Meds 2018)
Faculty Reviewer: Dr Cyrus Hsia, MD, FRCPC (Division of Hematology)