Vol 85 No 2 – Preventive Medicine

Front cover art by Ramona Neferu (Meds 2018)

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The growing burden of preventable diseases
Ramona Neferu

Original Article

Does participation in family medicine interest group events at Canadian medical schools influence residency decisions?
George Kim, Janina Mailloux, Caleb Van de Kleut
Faculty Reviewer: Darren Van Dam, MD, CCFP (Department of Family Medicine)


“Bad docs”: the CPSO complaints process
Alistair D Scott
Faculty Reviewer: Fawaz Siddiqi, MD, MBA, FRCSC, FACS (Department of Neurosurgery)

Interprofessional education grand rounds: developing interprofessional competency through collaborative learning
Zachary Singer, Joanne Britto
Faculty Reviewers: Krista Helleman, MD, FRCSC (Department of Pediatrics, Division of Emergency Medicine), Kevin Fung, MD, FRCSC (Department of Otolaryngology, Division of Head & Neck Surgery)

Feature Articles

Reducing medication errors: the future is near field communication
Benjamin Thomas, Hao Shi, Anthony Chow, Julian Surujballi
Faculty Reviewer: Shiraz Malik, MD, CCFP (Department of Family Medicine)

Expanding access to contraceptive choice in Canada
Laura J McLeod, Helene Baldwin, Vanessa DeMelo
Faculty Reviewer: Shannon Arntfield, MD, FRCSC (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Reduction of maternal and neonatal harm through prevention of the primary Cesarean section
Andrew Welton
Faculty Reviewer: Shannon Arntfield, MD, FRCSC (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Resilience to childhood adversity: insight from gene-environmental interactions in depression and post-traumatic stress disorder
Catherine Anne Wassenaar
Faculty Reviewer: Javeed Sukhera, MD, FRCPC (Department of Psychiatry)

Physical activity versus metformin for increasing insulin sensitivity in children and adolescents at-risk for type 2 diabetes
Andrew D Hanna, Natalie V Scime
Faculty Reviewer: Shauna Burke, PhD (Department of Health Studies)

Non-invasive colorectal cancer screening: past, present and future
Melissa Holdren, Brittany Deller, Kevin Braden
Faculty Reviewer: Alan Thomson, MD, PhD, FRCPC (Division of Gastroenterology)

Traditional Chinese medicine in cardiovascular disease prevention
Annie Li, Robert Bobotsis, Christopher Yildiz
Faculty Reviewer: Edmund Lui, PhD (Department of Physiology and Pharmacology)

Experiencing illness: a reflective review of coping strategies in chronic disease
Paul Webb, Edwin Wu
Faculty Reviewer: George Kim, MD, MClSc (FM), CCFP (Department of Family Medicine)

Skin cancer: an ideal candidate for preventive medicine
Spencer Chambers
Faculty Reviewer: Aaron Grant, MD, FRCSC (Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Preventive Medicine Articles

Dermatoscopy in the evaluation of cutaneous lesions in patients with familial atypical multiple-mole melanoma syndrome
Robert Bobotsis, Brandon Chau
Faculty Reviewer: Aaron Grant, MD, FRCSC (Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery)

Questioning the benefits of current screening protocols for common cancers
Stefan Rodic, Ariel Gershon
Faculty Reviewer: George Kim, MD, MClSc (FM), CCFP (Department of Family Medicine)

Radical to routine: the history of cervical cancer screening
Cindy Zhu, Asma Amir Ali
Faculty Reviewer: Shelley McKellar, PhD (Department of History, Department of Surgery)

Defending public health policies from objections of paternalism
Matthew Greenacre
Faculty Reviewer: Jacob Shelley, LLB, LLM, SJD(c) (Faculty of Law and School of Health
Studies in Faculty of Health Sciences)

Ethics of pre-exposure prophylaxis in high-risk HIV patients
Adriana Cappelletti
Faculty Reviewer: Chil-Yong Kang, PhD, FRSC (Department of Microbiology and Immunology)

Pre-exposure prophylaxis in a new era of HIV prevention
Carlos Muzlera, Nicole Arseneau
Faculty Reviewer: Bill Thompson, MD, FRCPC (Department of Internal Medicine, Division of
Infectious Diseases)

Inside Insite: the cost-effectiveness of supervised injection facilities
Cory Lefebvre, Lauren Crosby, Adam Kovacs-Litman
Faculty Reviewer: Ava John-Baptiste, PhD (Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics)

Zika virus: a case study for Canada’s role in emerging infectious disease prevention
Matt Douglas-Vail, Hong Yu (Andrew) Su
Faculty Reviewer: Stephen Barr, PhD (Department of Microbiology & Immunology)

A review of issues concerning implementation of cardiac rehabilitation programs
Stuart Danby, Charles Yin
Faculty Reviewer: Neville Suskin, MBChB, MSc, FRCPC, FACC (Department of Cardiology)

Microneedle patch vaccine: a potential approach for overcoming the barriers to widespread vaccination
Victoria Chan, Steven Wong
Faculty Reviewer: Marina I Salvadori, MD, FRCPC (Department of Paediatrics)

Shifting from picking up the pieces to preventive health: an interview with Dr Lori Teeple
Ramona Neferu, Alice Yi
Faculty Reviewer: Lori Teeple, MD, CCFP-EM, FCFP (Departments of Medicine and Family Medicine)

When the story doesn’t fit: a case of acral lentiginous melanoma of the big toe
Jason L Elzinga, Charles Jian
Faculty Reviewer: Jessica Howard, MD, CCFP (Department of Family Medicine)