Vol 86 No 2 – Healthcare Systems

Front cover art by Richard Ying Yu

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Letter from the dean
Michael J Strong, MD, FRCPC, FAAN, FCAHS

Original Articles

Indigenous access barriers to health care services in London, Ontario: The Engaging for
Change Improving Health Services for Indigenous Peoples qualitative study

Stephanie McConkey
Faculty Reviewer: Lloy Wylie, PhD, MA (Department of Psychiatry)

Collegiality and career success: How one’s medical school learning environment can affect one’s sense of personal and professional fulfillment decades after graduation
Dr Gerald Schneiderman, MD (Class of 1958), PsychD, FRCPC, DLFAPA, DFCPA

Collaborative care models for integrating mental health and primary care: A policy overview
Rachelle Maskell, Anna Rudkovska, Marisa Kfrerer, Shannon Sibbald
Faculty Reviewer: Gerald McKinley, PhD (Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)


Racing for accessibility of a life-saving drug: A timeline of naloxone’s changing status in the midst of the opioid crisis
Sandra Botros
Faculty Reviewer: Amardeep Thind MD, PhD (Epidemiology and Biostatistics)

Doctors without bricks (and mortar): Akira and the emergence of mobile health services
Alistair D Scott
Faculty Reviewer: Robert John Petrella, MD, PhD, FACSM, FCFP (Department of Famil Medicine)

Availability of novel contraceptive methods in Canada
Polly Tsybina, Kyle Canton
Faculty Reviewer: Shannon Arntfield, MD, MSc, FRCSC (Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

Feature Articles

Applying health promotion theories to improve depressive symptoms through exercise
Dor David Abelman, Andrew Daniel Hanna
Faculty Reviewer: Jennifer D Irwin, PhD, MA, BA (School of Health Studies)

What does ‘holism’ mean in Indigenous mental health? A review of the literature and suggestions
for healthcare professionals

Ranjana Bhattacharjee, Alana Maltby
Faculty Reviewer: Piotr Wilk (Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics), Martin Cooke
(Department of Sociology & Legal Studies, University of Waterloo)

The detrimental effects of obstetric evacuation on Aboriginal women’s health
Ann Marie Corrado
Faculty Reviewer: Debbie Laliberte Rudman, PhD, OT Reg. (Ont.) (School of Occupational

The ethical concerns of physician recruitment from Africa to the global North
Ann Marie Corrado
Faculty Reviewer: Ken Kirkwood, PhD (School of Health Studies)

Moral distress in health care professionals
Ann Marie Corrado, Monica L. Molinaro
Faculty Reviewer: Sandy DeLuca, PhD, RN (Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing)

Healthcare systems within the Middle East
Meriem Benlamri
Faculty Reviewer: Lloy Wylie, PhD, MA (Department of Psychiatry)

The application of quality improvement methodologies in surgery
Stephanie Fong
Faculty Reviewer: Sayra Cristancho, PhD (Centre for Education Research & Innovation)

Why can’t patients last the wait? Decreasing substance abuse treatment waiting list attrition
Nicole A. Guitar
Faculty Reviewer: John Campbell, PhD (Department of Psychology)

Vicarious trauma and secondary traumatic stress in health care professionals
Nicole A. Guitar, Monica L. Molinaro
Faculty Reviewer: Paul Frewen, PhD (Department of Psychology)

Parsing Anhedonia: a reverse-translational strategy for treatment of anhedonia in clinical populations and potential implications of conditioned motivators
Roger Hudson
Faculty Reviewer: Steven Laviolette, PhD, (Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology)

Wait times for psychiatric care in Ontario
Rachel Loebach, Sasha Ayoubzadeh
Faculty Reviewer: Javeed Sukhera, MD, FRCPC (Department of Psychiatry)

Medical smartphone applications: A new and innovative way to manage health conditions
from the palm of your hand

Marcello G Masciantonio, Aneta A Surmanski
Faculty Reviewer: Christopher J Licskai, BSc, MD, FRCPC (Department of Medicine, Division of Respirology)

The current state of Health Links
Rachelle Maskell, Connor Cleary, Keri Selkirk, Shannon Sibbald
Faculty Reviewer: Amanda Terry, PhD (Department of Family Medicine)

Approaches to incorporating indigenous health into the Canadian medical school curriculum
Danielle Robinson, Chowdhury Anika Saiva, Purathani Shanmuganathan
Faculty Reviewer: Lloy Wylie PhD, MA (Department of Psychiatry)

Conservative management strategies to mitigate the increasing burden of osteoarthritis on the healthcare system
James J Young
Faculty Reviewer: Bert M Chesworth, BA, BScPT, MClScPT, PhD (School of Physiotherapy)

Departmental Articles

Poverty: A clinical instrument for family physicians
Gayathri Sivakumar, Brandon Chau
Faculty Reviewer: Thomas Freeman, MD, MClSc, CCFP, FCFP (Department of Family Medicine)

Radiology wait times: Impact on patient care and potential solutions
Logan Van Nynatten, Ariel Gershon
Faculty Reviewer: Ilanit Ben-Nachum, MD (Department of Medical Imaging)

Evaluation of supervised injection facilities as an ethically sound approach to treatment of injection drug abuse
Katherine Fleshner, Matthew Greenacre
Faculty Reviewer: Jacob Shelley, LLB, LLM, SJD(c) (Faculty of Law)

An analysis of the French healthcare system in the context of geriatric care: how does Canada compare and what can we learn
Hong Yu (Andrew) Su, Lilian Jade Robinson
Faculty Reviewer: Monidipa Dasgupta, MD, FRCPC (Division of Geriatric Medicine)

ECT: examining a controversial therapy in the armamentarium of psychiatry
Nirushan Puvanenthirarajah, Asma Amir Ali
Faculty Reviewer: Shelley McKellar PhD (Department of History)

Machine Learning in Medicine
Chloe Gui , Victoria Chan
Faculty Reviewer: Daniel J. Lizotte, MSc, PhD (Department of Computer Science)

The complexity of cross-sector healthcare teams: An interview with Dr Shannon Sibbald
Alice Yi, Dino D’Andrea
Faculty Reviewer: Shannon L Sibbald, PhD (Department of Family Medicine)

A series of unfortunate events: How should a health system react after preventable medical errors?
Jamie Riggs, Carlos Muzlera
Faculty Reviewer: Merrick Zwarenstein, MBBCh, Msc, PhD (Department of Family Medicine)

OECD single-payer policy review
Adam Beswick
Faculty Reviewer: Kelly K Anderson, PhD (Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics)

Chikungunya virus in Canada: A case report highlighting the need for increased global health

Herman Bami, Jason L Elzinga
Faculty Reviewer: Javeed Sukhera, HBSc, MD, DABPN, FRCSC (Department of Psychiatry)